Title ID 10047Collection ID1124
Title[Lanrick; Horse Jumps; Solar Eclipse; Games]
Date1942 - 1945
CollectionGordon Family
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionFamily Life
ThemeFamily Life
KeywordsAnimals Beaches Children Domestic Gardens Family Food Rural Areas Social Class Sport Games Commemorative Events Second World War (1939-1945)
LocalCross In Hand Beccles Waldron Heathfield East Bergholt
RegionalEast Sussex Suffolk
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionPhilip Leslie Gordon
CameraPhilip Leslie Gordon
Format16mm Mixed Colour and Black & White Silent
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This edited colour and black and white film shows scenes of the family participating in a mixture of outdoor sports and activities including: a Pony Gymkhana; swimming in a pool and in the sea; watching a partial eclipse; a game of Croquet; a tennis match; Beekeeping; visiting several friends and family in Suffolk; and in the family garden.


This film opens with a sign that reads: 'Lanrick (?) Hazeldene £6.6 Lanrick (?). Beat the Last Record' cutting to a second sign 'Lanrick (?) Hazeldene £6.6 Lanrick £7.7.6 (?) Beat the Last Record'. This is followed by shots of several children gathered on a field riding their ponies.

The next sequence of individual shots includes: a group of children swimming in a pool at Long Mead, Waldron; a plane in camouflaged colours passing overhead (?); a partial solar Eclipse (1942 or 1944?); a grass snake; out of focus shots of the family playing a game of Croquet; a Guy Faulkes Bonfire celebration; a gymkhana, including carriage driving and show jumping; two boys swimming in the sea and playing with the waves; and spider webs covered in droplets of dew.

The next scene shows shots of several sporting and gaming activities including a game of cricket on a field next to a pavilion building (Heathfield?). This is followed by a mixed doubles tennis match on the family's tennis court, with members of the family watching from a swing lounger in the garden. Slowed down shots of ponies jumping fences in a field, are followed by a family croquet game in the garden and an irregular beehive with close up of the bees.

The next sequence shows black and white shots of individual scenes cut together that includes several exterior views of a house with timber beams (Suffolk); shots of the painter and artist, John Constable's family home at Flatford Mill in Suffolk; two women having tea in a garden; a dog playing in the garden, and shots of a man tending to the garden. A brief colour shot shows the timber house in Suffolk, featuring a family member with a golden retriever puppy in a garden; later joined by other members of the family. Returning to black and white, a group of older girls have afternoon tea in the garden dressed in their Downs School uniform. The last shot ends mid sequence.


Contextual information

Flatford Mill and Bridge Cottage are now managed by the National Trust. Both sites painted many times by John Constable (1776-1837) when he lived in Flatford, Suffolk.