Title ID 10647Collection ID1256
TitleThe Motor Cycling Club London Lugano Run [H.C.Reigate]
DateAugust 1927
CollectionInvicta Car Club Archive
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionTravel
ThemeTransport Travel
KeywordsCars Cross-Channel Steamers Film Making Harbours Leisure Time Activities Motor Vehicles Men Roads Ships Transport Rural Areas
LocalHarwich Antwerp Vosges Altdorf Zurich Meiringen Furkapass
NationalEngland France Belgium Switzerland Germany Europe
ProductionHarry Reigate
CameraHarry Reigate
ProducerHCRF Production
ParticipantsH.G.Reigate; M. Weinstein
Format16mm Black & White Silent
Duration19 min. 03 sec.
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


This two-part film shows the Motorcycling Club's London to Lugano car run in August 1927 filmed by H.G. Reigate in his Invicta car (YH 1305); accompanied by his travelling companion and navigator Mr M. Weinstein. The pair travel with a group of drivers in various cars on a journey through Europe.


H.G.Reigate travels with M.Weinstein who is described as a passenger, navigator, mechanic and secretary. Scenes show several other competitors' cars being off loaded including Allen's A.C, Barnes' Rolls, Hobbs' Riley, Still's Alvis, and Ahearn's Invicta (YE 7682).


The Motor Cycling Club London Lugano Run (1927)

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