Title ID 11759Collection ID1509
TitleCine Club
CollectionJohn Clague
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionFictionEducational/TrainingDocu-Drama
ThemeWorking Life
KeywordsCars Everyday Life Film Making Men Women Roads Shopping Shops Trades Weddings Wedding Dresses
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionJohn Clague
Format16mm Colour Silent
Duration9 min. 56 sec.
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Using a loose narrative, this film shows aspects of photography via a camera shop, a photographer at a wedding, and films being developed from negatives to photographic prints at Erricks camera shop in Bradford.


A man looks closely at a Canon QL Camera in a shop. Inside a bookmaker's, a man tears up a betting slip before glancing down to a newspaper headline which says, 'Man dies in betting shop'. Men are placing their bets at the counter as a man writes the races, horses names and bookies' odds on a blackboard behind the counter.

A rooftop view shows a street corner on Market Street in Bradford; a busy road with shops including the photography shop Erricks (along with H.R. Jackson and Saxone). The film is speeded up, perhaps to show the passage of time (?). Returning to inside the camera shop, the shop assistant works at the counter. On the shelf behind him there is a display of cameras and films. A man enters the shop and enquires about the cameras in the window. Another man enters the shop holding a brown paper bag, containing a camera dripping with water. The mans facial expression is seen to change from sad to happy. Perhaps suggesting the camera is repairable.

The front of the Erricks is now seen at night with its window display of photographic equipment. A Cannon camera is shown on display for sale at £39 19s 6d. A man enters and leaves the shop and the segment ends with tracking night-time shots of the street.

The film then changes to scenes at a wedding where eight bridesmaids, dressed in blue satin, are seen waiting outside a church. The photographer is shown organising the entourage for photographs. The bride and her father arrive in a car and the photographer takes his photographs. The bride, wearing white, with a pill box hat and veil, enters the church and there is a view of the church tower and clock. The Bride and Groom leave the church as the photographer arranges the couple, family and guests and for various photos. The film focuses on the photographer and follows him as as he sets up poses for the bride.

A rooftop view of the shops again shows the busy Bradford junction in fast motion with Erricks camera shop in the centre.

Inside a film processing lab, rolls of film are seen waiting to be developed. A man in a lab coat cuts the negatives as they hang in strips from the processing machine. The film rolls are organised and labelled by another assistant. The negatives are processed in a machine operated by a woman in a lab coat. The printed photographs travel on a conveyer system where a machine cuts them into single photographs. The prints are packed into envelopes; a woman wearing white gloves places the photographs inside an envelope printed with text reading 'your colour photography, ask Erricks' The film ends abruptly at this point.


A still from 'Cine Club' (1960s)A still from 'Cine Club' (1960s)