Title ID 13680Collection ID57
TitleA Weekend at Braughing and Christmas 1948
CollectionEdwards and Tozer
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionFamily Life
ThemeFamily Life
KeywordsCelebrations Christmas Family
NationalUnited Kingdom England
ProductionNorman Edwards
Format16mm Colour Silent
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A compilation of two short amateur films of a fun-loving family in summer time and at Christmas.


On a sunny day a family feeds chickens, checks for eggs in a hen coop and plays together on a large haystack.

Next we see a table laden with many dishes, one a Christmas cake with piped icing reading XMAS 1948. The family enjoy the main meal, cake and jelly. Two women wash and dry the dirty dishes while the other family members drink and smoke in the siting room. A cold buffet spread is laid out and some light-hearted drinking games and pulling of faces follows as one man pretends to get progressively drunk. The family watch on laughing.


A colour still image taken from TID 13680, showing an older man playing with a child and a large haystack. The child is sat on a grain sack, which the older man is using to slide the child down the stack from the front. 
A colour still image taken from TID 13680, showing a white iced and decorated cake placed on the Christmas lunch table, being cut with a white handled knife. The cake reads 'Xmas 1948'. 
A colour still image taken from TID 13680, shows a man and a teenage girl stood by the fire in a front room of a house pulling a Christmas cracker. The man is dressed in a full suit and tie and the girl in a pale blue dress wearing a red, white and blue party hat. The girl is looking at the cracker in her hand smiling. The man is looking down at the girl with a neutral expression.