Title ID 1538Collection ID43
TitleWith the Bentley in France and Switzerland
CollectionEmberton Family
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionFamily Life
ThemeFashion Travel
KeywordsCars Cross-Channel Steamers Harbours Holidays Landscape Leisure Time Activities Railway Steamers Rural Areas Ships Swimming Travel Clothing Fashion Accessories Beachwear National Dress
LocalDover Calais Vosges Megeve Ouchy Lausanne
NationalEngland United Kingdom France Switzerland Europe
ProductionJoseph Emberton
CameraJoseph Emberton
ParticipantsJoseph Emberton; Kathleen Emberton
FormatColour Silent
Duration18 min. 24 sec.
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


A film by architect Joseph Emberton of a holiday with his wife Kathleen. They travel to the French Alps and the Lausanne region of Switzerland, in their Bentley car. The couple enjoy swimming and relaxing in the holiday resorts and take in the mountain scenery.


The film begins with the title: ‘Our 1939 holiday begins at Dover’ followed by scenes of their departure. Further titles annotate the film locations and describe the journey. The film includes scenes of driving through the Alps, views of activities at their hotels, including swimming and diving in the hotel pool. A 'French festival' is filmed at one hotel including dancing, folk costumes and other displays. Scenes of leisure include Tennis and golf. Scenes of traveling by car are followed by further sports scenes including table tennis and diving. Further mountain views are followed by footage of the Emberton's Bentley being hoisted aboard the SAGA cross-Channel steamer ‘Cote d’Azur’ at Calais.


A Still from 'With the Bentley in France and Switzerland' (1939) A Still from 'With the Bentley in France and Switzerland' (1939)

Contextual information

Fashion Notes: This film shows fashionable travel clothing for a middle-class woman including separates and summer dresses. The film also contains footage of bathing suits and swimming trunks, as well as French and Swiss traditional costume.

Fashion keywords: bathing suits, blazers, blouses, blouses, cardigans, hair accessories, national dress, skirts, sports clothing, swimming trunks

For further information see Screen Search Fashion online resource.

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