Title ID 3472Collection ID1041
TitleRustington Lido
DateSeptember 1937
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionActuality/Factual
KeywordsClothing Fashion Beachwear Hats Skirts Suits Trousers Camping Games Leisure Time Activities Swimming
RegionalWest Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionNot known
ProducerA McCallum production
FormatBlack & White Silent
Duration5 min. 23 sec.
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A film comprised from a range of scenes, mostly depicting friends enjoying their time at Rustington Lido holiday camp in the 1930s. Games of tennis and rugby and scenes showing friends laughing and chatting and playing practical jokes on one another.


The film opens with a family crest declaring it to be 'A McCallum production'. with the motto 'In Arua Tendit'. A title reads 'September 1937 'Rustington Lido'', which is followed by a short pan across the waves breaking on the shoreline at the beach in Rustington, West Sussex.

Cutting to the inter-title ‘While these men on sea defences, WORK eight hours per day and get PAID’, the film then shows a view of workmen on the beach, pulling ropes by hand to drain a pipe into the ground. This shot is used to contrast the fun and games that are taking place at the Rustington Lido holliday camp, shown in the following scenes, under the inter-title ' ‘These people on holiday WORK eighteen hours a day and PAY’. From here the film documents their holiday; a group of friends is filmed laughing and chatting together, whilst a ball is casually thrown about and a girl plays a practical joke on one of their friends who is sleeping.

The film then moves on to a scene of an exercise class being held outside, with men and women lined up in rows taking part. Under the inter-title 'On the courts in their shortie shorties', the film goes on to show various couples playing tennis on the tennis courts, dressed in sports attire. Afterwards, the tennis players are filmed standing and sitting together in deck chairs, laughing and chatting. 'Strenuous game, this football' shows a group of men and women playing a game of rugby together, after which the players lie down on the grass.

At this point in the film there are several shorter scenes including one of people sitting back in deck chairs dressed in bathing attire. A man rides across the next shot on a bicycle, after which the film cuts to a man and woman standing on the edge of a swimming pool, we see the woman diving in.

The film ends with a fancy dress performance, entitled 'The Rajah of Glasspulah with his "annexes". Some Lad!!', in which a man dressed as a Rajah is surrounded by a harem of women dressed in makeshift outfits, following him with fans and enacting a ceremony-like performance for fun.


A still from 'Rustington Lido' (1937)A still from 'Rustington Lido' (1937)

Contextual information

Fashion Notes: The film depicts leisurewear and sportswear – it shows men and women participating in an exercise class and playing tennis. The film also shows men in overalls and baker boy caps.

Fashion keywords: beachwear, bowlers, cardigans, jackets, playsuits, polo shirts, shorts, skirts, socks, sports clothing, suits, sweaters, t-shirts, tennis shoes, trousers

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