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Title[Stay in India]
CollectionJoseph Horowitz
ThemeTravel Case Study Jewish Stories
KeywordsAnimals Boats Ethnic Groups Harbours Holidays Leisure Time Activities Ships Street Trading Transport Travel Urban Areas
LocalAden Mumbai Port Said
RegionalSouth Yemen Maharashtra State Port Said
NationalYemen India Egypt Africa Asia
ProductionJoseph Horowitz
CameraJoseph Horowitz
ParticipantsJoseph Horowitz
FormatBlack & White Silent
Duration15 min. 35 sec.
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This record of a trip to India also contains footage of sea travel, by liner, via Port Said in Egypt and Aden in Yemen. It documents an elephant ride, many street scenes, one featuring a snake charmer, and images of the harbours passed on the journey.


The film begins with Joseph Horowitz and a friend riding an elephant with a local . The next scene is of yachts and steamers in a bay, before shots of a woman walking down an Indian street, in front of a pavilion. She then poses with a group of Indian children. Busy urban street scenes, goods being carried on camel and crowds of people at a market follow, before a shot of the pavilion.

The Port Said Authority building is then seen, with a view of the port, filmed from aboard a ship. The Port Said engineering works is pictured. The next shots are on deck, where a group of women sunbathe, and pose for the camera.

Indian street scenes follow, with portraits of locals in the market square, and Mr Horowitz and a woman pose for the camera. More street scenes begin the next reel, as a woman collects water from a tap and her child washes opposite. Young children are filmed in the street. The shot then cuts to another busy street, with a building called 'Central Talkies' in the background. Horowitz and his friend pose in front of a monument. Cattle, dogs and traders sit in the street.

The group of women previously filmed play to the camera on the deck of a ship. Mr Horowitz joins them, dancing, before they return to sunbathing and chatting. The next scene is of the Gateway to India, a monument in Mumbai. A European woman poses for the camera in front of her car. A snake charmer is filmed, as a young European boy looks on. A view follows overlooking a city in a bay. A pelican is seen swimming down river before more street scenes. The film ends with more images of the sunbathing women on the deck of the ship.

The following reel begins with a liner in the port of Aden, the customs office and a marquee called 'Sudan Handicrafts'. A group of women walk towards the camera, having just arrived. A local man poses for the camera. From the deck of a ship the Gulf is seen over the shoulder of an man wearing a fez. The women photograph camels in the street and local children pose. A plaque is filmed on the site of the historic Aden water tanks. Streets which climb up steep hillsides end the film.


A still from 'Stay in India' (1935)A still from 'Stay in India' (1935)A still from 'Stay in India' (1935)