Title ID 5664Collection ID816
Title[Holiday in Italy]
CollectionDickins Family
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionHoliday
KeywordsCarnivals Holidays Lakes Swimming Travel
LocalCadinabba Lake Como Milan Venice
NationalItaly Europe
ProductionErnest Dickins
CameraErnest Dickins
ParticipantsErnest Dickins (father)
FormatColour Silent
Duration15 min. 23 sec.
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This film contains scenes from a holiday that the Dickins family took to Italy in 1958. They stayed on Lake Como in Cadinabbia, but also visited Bellagio, Milan and Venice.


The film opens with a faded map of the Alps, which is used as an title to introduce this family holiday to Lake Como. The first shot shows the exterior of the Hotel Bellvue, before cutting to footage of a train journey with passing scenery of mountains and lakes visible through the window. We then return to the hotel, with images of Ernest and Gladys Dickins' hotel room. Their son John and his fiancé Joan are seen sunbathing, swimming in the lake and playing table tennis, and there is footage of the view across Lake Como from the hotel balcony.

The film cuts to more footage shot from a moving train. We see various views across the lake and, as the journey goes on, further shots of mountains and lakeside buildings. There are some rather dark and grainy images of Milan viewed from high above, as well as shots of various statues and grand buildings within the city, including the exterior of Milan cathedral. Amongst these images is a shot of Ernest, Gladys and Joan feeding pigeons in a square. We then see images of a marching band followed by a procession of men and women in traditional dress, as well as elaborate horse drawn floats decorated with flowers. Further sightseeing trips follow, including images of a tropical garden, caves and a stone amphitheater.

The final part of the film records the family's visit to Venice. The city is first seen from the water with the camera passing by boat under the Rialto bridge before cutting to a shot of St. Mark's Cathedral. There are further shots of the cathedral and the campanile at St. Mark's Square as well as the statues on top of the Bell Tower and some rather dark views of the canals and other buildings. The last shots of the film appear to be taken once again from a moving train across the rooftops of a city.