Title ID 5681Collection ID816
Title[Holidays; Fishing, Camping, Sestri Levante "Down in the Hot South”]
CollectionDickins Family
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionHoliday
KeywordsBeaches Camping Holidays Seaside Resorts
LocalNew Forest Sestri Levante
RegionalDevon Hampshire Surrey
NationalEngland Italy Europe
ProductionErnest Dickins
LightingErnest Dickins
ParticipantsErnest Dickins
FormatMixed Colour and Black & White Silent
Duration8 min. 21 sec.
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This film contains footage of several holidays taken by Ernest and Gladys Dickins, with the majority of the material showing a trip to Sestri Levante in Italy during 1963.


Intertitles open the film, reading 'Holidays 1963; Fishing, Camping, Sestri Levante "Down in the Hot South"'. First we see colour scenes from a fishing trip to Devon that the Dickins' took with friends that year. We see three men casting their fishing lines into the river, while the women look on from the bank. The film cuts to images from another camping trip to the New Forest. There are brief shots of a river or lake and some New Forest ponies. This section is followed by a shot of Gladys sat in the sun outside a house with friends and another intertitle appears at this point, reading "Poly's Own House Party".

The next section of film contains images from a holiday to Italy that Ernest and Gladys Dickins took with friends. We see snowcapped mountains viewed from the window of a moving vehicle, with buildings visible in the foothills. Three passengers are seen inside a train, before the film cuts to the view from the platform of people waving from open windows. We then cut to scenes from the holiday, of water skiers, passengers on a boat trip and sightseers wandering up a curved street. There are views of the coast from a moving boat, showing a high, rocky and mountainous coastline with buildings perched on the slopes. A series of brief scenes include shots on the beach of boats and people paddling and swimming in the surf. The holiday makers are seen sitting in deck chairs and looking at market stalls. There are elevated shots of a coastal village or town, panning to show a stone church with a domed tower. Further images include a statue of a woman bearing a cross, a very large cemetery and memorial, and some ruins by the coast.

The final section of the film is in black and white, showing the front and back doors of the family home in Surrey. A spinning disc is used as the final intertitle, which slows to reveal "The End".