Title ID 6215Collection ID767
Title[Winter Sports and Summer Outings in the South East]
Date[ca. 1930s]
CollectionHilson Family
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionFamily Life
ThemeSeaside Urban Life
KeywordsBuildings Coasters (ships) Disabled Persons Docks Entertainment Fairgrounds Holidays Piers Racing Sport Swimming Trains Water Transport
LocalSwitzerland [?] Herne Bay Margate Lewes
RegionalKent East Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom Europe
ProductionOliver Victor Hilson
CameraOliver Victor Hilson
FormatBlack & White Silent
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This black and white edited film shows a group undertaking a series of winter sports in Switzerland (?), followed by a series of outings that include the Southdown bus depot and a mix of East Kent buses with busy street scenes. The group also visit Herne Bay seafront, Margate Lido and the Dreamland Amusement park.


This film opens with a group tobogganing down a high slide whilst doing acrobatics, followed by mixed shots of the group Ice Skating in an indoor ice rink. A woman performs an ice dancing routine on the rink.

The next sequence shows exterior views of the Southdown bus depot in Kent, and several Southdown buses heading towards 'Folkestone', 'Ashford', 'Rye' and an East Kent bus heading towards 'Herne Bay'. The film then cuts to a shot of the platform at Herne Bay Railway station with a steam train (no. 845 ?) pulling in.

An adult group go on an outing to Margate, visiting Margate Lido where they play in the pool and Dreamland amusement park, with shots of several rides and moving views from onboard a wooden roller coaster. The sequence closes with wide exterior shots of the front of the main Modernist brick building with 'Dreamland' signage.

In Herne Bay a man takes a tour of the sea front, followed by exterior views of his boarding house signed: 'Balmoral House - Select Boarding Establishment' next to the sea front.

The next sequence shows a bus excursion to Lewes racecourse, with shots of the grounds and horses racing. A man dressed in a tribal head-dress hands a leaflet to a woman as they stand talking and laughing together(?) in the spectator area next to the track.

The final film shows a day trip to the Isle of Wight aboard the steam boat 'Glen Gowers'. Scenes of a boat mooring at Sandown Pier to collect passengers are followed by views of the construction of buildings on a second pier (?). The film ends with a journey in a lift to the esplanade, cutting to a single reverse shot of a man jumping onto the beach from a sea wall (?) and a one-legged man high-jumping over a rope jump.


[Winter Sports and Summer Outings in the South East] (1930s)