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Title[Family Scenes: Baby on the Beach; Wannock Mill]
CollectionOakshott Family
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionFamily Life
ThemeFamily life Seaside
KeywordsAnimals Beaches Piers Beachwear Domestic Gardens Swimming Play Children Family Rural Areas Landscape
LocalEastbourne Polegate Waldron
RegionalEast Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionEugene Oakshott
CameraEugene Oakshott
ParticipantsPercy; Harry; Frank; Dorothy; Benjy; Percy; Robinsons; Jennis; Dorce; Edwards; Chopes [?]
FormatBlack & White Silent
Duration16 min. 36 sec.
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Oakshott family members visit Eastbourne Beach and Wannock Gardens. They play tennis on one of the courts in the grounds of their residence, Foxhunt Manor at Foxhunt Green, where they also swim in the pond, in 1928 [?].


Mother and daughter play with a bucket and spade as waves wash up the beach at Eastbourne. Eastbourne Pier, ramparts, beach huts and promenade are in view behind. Oakshott family members sit together on the beach, building a sandcastle with the little girl. A woman walks out of Batemans opticians.

The next scene shows several family members climbing over a gate on the South Downs. They make a visit to Wannock Gardens, walking across a bridge over water with swans, later taking tea, before walking through the gardens and greenhouses.

Back at Foxhunt Manor in Waldren, the family's residence in East Sussex, adults, child and pet dog paddle in the pond by the greenhouses. One man, Harry [?], dries his feet while sitting atop the disused stone fountain in the centre of the pond. He throws a ball into the water, which the family's Jack Russell retrieves. He plays with him on the lawn, making the dog leap over up and roll over. A woman feeds a rabbit in a cage from a bottle. Young men and women, Harry, Frank and Dorothy [?], splash and swim in the water of the pond. The dogs join them in the water. They pose at the side of the pond and sit on the grass before running and leaping across the garden.

Family and friends sit on deck chairs in the grounds. They are shown in individual portraits before a game of tennis on the court in front of the house begins. Further portraits follow, the subjects laughing and talking. A group of men and women, family and friends, leap over the tennis net with linked arms. Further tennis scenes follow. Panning views across the South Downs, and the courts and views of the same landscape, taken from an elevated position at the house, close the film.


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