Title ID 6701Collection ID768
Title[Family on Holiday: Lake View; Etc]
Date[ca. 1930s]
CollectionDudkin Family
ThemeCase Study Jewish Stories
KeywordsFairgrounds Holidays Lakes Leisure Time Activities Motor Vehicles Parades Passenger Vehicles Racing Zoological Gardens
LocalBrighton (?) Paris
RegionalBrighton and Hove
NationalEngland United Kingdom France Europe
ProductionL. Stanley Dudkin
CameraL. Stanley Dudkin
FormatBlack & White Silent
Duration14 min. 57 sec.
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


This film contains brief snippets from holidays, day trips and notable events captured by Mr Dudkin. They include several holidays, trips to the horse races and a carnival parade.


The film begins with scenes from a holiday [to the Lake District?]. There are shots of a group aboard a boat on a large lake. Members of the group are seen behind the wheel, and there are views across the water, with smaller row boats also visible on the lake. Several of the group are seen walking beside a fast-flowing river and a stone bridge. The group climb into a car and there are shots of the passing scenery through the car window.

There are several shots of a wedding. The film is badly underexposed but it is possible to make out the bride carrying a bouquet of lilies, and guests throwing large quantities of confetti. Brief shots follow of two men standing on a plough, and a large group of people walking through the countryside waving at the camera. More footage taken from inside a moving vehicle, of a village confectionary shop, hills and a castle. Crowds are gathered at a racecourse and there are shots of the jockeys awaiting the start of the race, as well as the race in progress.

There follows a compilation of brief scenes; a city with several tall buildings, including a cathedral with its spire hidden under scaffolding; a wooden windmill; a group of people entering a bomb shelter[?] made with sandbags; a desolate, windswept patch of land; a man in uniform holding a rifle. There are several shots of a fairground with swings and carousel rides. A man buys a cone from an ice-cream stand. Another shot of city buildings and scenes from a zoo [London?]. A group of three women and a man pose for the camera with someone dressed in a white bear suit, and there are shots of a pond, two seals and a rhinoceros. Another brief shot of a crowd watching several woman take part in what appears to be a balloon-blowing race.

Back at the racecourse, the film-maker's friends/family are seen in the stands. There are several shots of the race in progress as well as close up shots of jockeys mounting their horses and being led towards the track, and crowds placing their bets.

A large crowd is assembled on a beach front [Brighton?]. Filmed from above, we see a man and a woman walk onto a platform and shake hands with another man. The next shot is of a car driving through the assembled crowds. There follow scenes of a carnival procession that includes decorated floats such as a windmill complete with moving sails. The film-maker's friends are seated on an outside table having tea at a cafe. A man performs magic tricks to the crowd and there are shots of the parade making its way down a crowded street.

Several men in glossy top hats and suits, and women in elaborate hats are seen climbing into cars. The pavement is crowded with people. There are shots taken upstairs on an open-topped bus. The passengers laugh and smile for the camera. Seen from above, a man runs alongside the bus and jumps onboard.

In Paris there are several shots of the Eiffel tower - one from within the tower as the cameraman travels down in a lift, one underneath looking up at the structure, and a slow vertical panning shot taken from a distance. Streets in Paris are filmed from a moving vehicle, including a shot of the Galeries Lafayette. The final shots of the film are taken in the gardens of a large house or palace.