Title ID 6703Collection ID768
Title[Hoildays and a trip to the races]
Date[ca. 1930s]
CollectionDudkin Family
ThemeCase Study Jewish Stories
KeywordsBoats Clothing Games Harbours Holidays Motor Vehicles Parades Ships Travel
LocalBrighton (?) Paris
RegionalBrighton and Hove
NationalEngland United Kingdom France Europe
ProductionL. Stanley Dudkin
CameraL. Stanley Dudkin
FormatBlack & White Silent
Duration14 min. 55 sec.
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


A film containing a compliation of scenes. These include a holiday to France, a visit to the horse races, country walks and scenes on board a cruise ship.


The film begins with a brief shot of some cars and the exterior of the 'Richmond Hotel'.

A group of adults are filmed walking in front of the camera one by one. They walk confidently up to and past the camera as if on a catwalk, but are being filmed outside in a field. A woman wearing a sleeveless checked dress is first, followed by a man in a white shirt and jacket, a man wearing a knitted tank top, and a man in glasses, a white shirt and wide-legged trousers. There is a close up of a woman smiling and laughing, and the men pulling faces at the camera. Two men mess about on the grass and one pretends to strangle the other. There is a panning shot of a group of around ten people, some of whom wave at the camera.

After a panning shot of a timber-framed house we see large crowds gathered at the horse races. The camera focuses on members of the crowd and men are seen taking bets. From near the front row are several shots of a horse race in progress, including the horses taking a fence, and there is a shot of a crowded car park.

From a moving vehicle we see the streets of Paris, including shop fronts and the Arc de Triomphe. There are further scenes [of another location in France?] taken from the car. We see the streets of a town and views across high hills. A ferry is moored at a marina. Visitors are seen at a waterfall, and the cameraman walks underneath the falls and films through the curtain of water. A man and woman walk in the countryside, and a couple have a go at driving a small horse-drawn carriage. There are scenes from a wedding, with the bride and groom standing on steps and posing for photographs. The bridesmaids and other guests join them. Passengers are seen boarding a ferry on ramps. From the deck of the ship we see a man on the harbour side raise his hat in farewell. As the boat pulls away the camera lingers on this man, and we see a small group of other people stood nearby waving handkerchiefs at the departing ship. There are several shots taken on board the ship, showing a shoreline and men fishing from a wooden marina wall.

A carnival procession is filmed from a high story window or balcony. Crowds have gathered on a sea front and through them march a procession of dancers in fancy dress, followed by elaborately decorated motorised floats, which include a swan and a windmill.

Scenes from a cruise ship follow. There are several shots of the deck of the ship, passengers in sun chairs, a swimming pool and life boats along the side of the ship. Some of the passengers pose for the camera; a man and a woman are seen lighting a cigarette. [From this point there is some severe sun damage to the film and part of the image is bleached out]. Games are played on deck; one of a pair is blindfolded and with guidance from their partner attempts to move a bottle with their feet in a straight line towards the finish. [End of light distortion].

Large crowds gather to watch high diving from a diving board on top of a tall concrete wall [perhaps a marina]. Men are seen performing complicated summersault dives into the water, and there is a tandem dive, with one person held upside down on the back of the other diver.

The final shots of the film are of a wooden fishing boat, and rock pools on a wide beach. There is a view of a small bay and the camera pans out to sea. There are several shots of the landscape [underexposed]. A large group of 25 to 30 people are seen on a country walk. They walk along paths as well as a wide track, and there are views across the countryside from the hills where they walk. A man is filmed climbing a wire fence. Members of the group smile and talk to the camera.