Title ID 6965Collection ID709
TitleYacht Racing in the Solent
CollectionSussex gentleman and keen yachtsman
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionActuality/Factual
ThemeFamily Life Transport
KeywordsBoats Racing Ships Social Class Water Transport
LocalGosport Southampton Cowes
RegionalHampshire Isle of Wight
NationalEngland United Kingdom
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FormatBlack & White Silent
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This film shows Q-class, X-class, 8-Metre and and J-class yachts - Endeavour, Yankee and Iyruna at full sail on the Solent.


This film opens with a title: 'Yacht Racing in the Solent 1935' followed by mixed shots of a yacht being constructed or refurbished on scaffold, over the water (possibly at the Camper and Nicholsons shipyard?). The yacht is worked on by several men; followed by a wide views of a fleet of Q-class yachts sailing on the Solent. Two men in uniform work on the mast of a ship, followed by a fleet of K-class (?) yachts sailing through the shot.

Intertitle: 'Yankee tunes up in the Solent' with mixed views of a J-class racing yacht gliding over the water at full sail.

Intertitle: 'Iyruna 1935', is followed by views aboard a ship, with a brief view of the deck with her crew. Views of the water with other 12-metre (12/K4) yachts and views of the J-class Iyruna in close-up.

Intertitle: 'Mr Nicholson 1935'. Mr Nicholson's barge (?) passes by a yacht (?). Two men aboard wave at the camera, followed by shots of a J-class yacht 'Yankee' (J-2) stationary on the water and sailing around two other smaller yachts. Mixed portrait shots and close-up's of X-Class and 8-metre yachts with full sails up, are followed by mixed close-ups of crews navigating and working onboard several 8-metre yachts. Mixed views of a yacht (?) as she passes the camera and manoeuvres on the water, with views of her deck and her crew. A large double-mast yacht (?) at full sail passes the film-maker's yacht. Views of two J-class (?) on the Solent (Endeavour and Yankee ?) with views of large spectator ships filled with people watching the race from the water.

Intertitle: 'Endeavor leads Yankee' with views of Endeavour and Yankee J-Class yachts on the water during a race. Several other boats and ships moored at sea with decorated signal flags can be seen around them, followed by views of an 8-metre (8/K26) (Saskia ?) and a double-mast black and white yacht with signal flags on the water. In close up, a member of the crew from the Iyruna is seen aboard a smaller vessel with two other crew members (?).

The next section shows a family group in portrait leaving a yacht by a smaller X-class yacht (X/20) moored next to a ship n a rowboat. Views of Q/11 (Q-class yacht) sailing on the Solent. On land the film-maker captures a painted sign or advert on the side of one of the dock warehouses for 'Ratsey & Lapthorn Ltd - Cowes, Gosport (?), Southampton and New York' to return to the film-maker's boat where the camera captures the crew as they come up from below deck. The four crewmen stand next to each other on deck, posing for the camera (possibly from Iyruna ? as ship name is on the crew members shirt).