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Title[Home at Shanghai [?]; Trip to Hong Kong; Armistice Day]
Date[ca. 1928]
CollectionSimpson Family
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fiction
ThemeFamily Life Commemoration
KeywordsArmed Forces Boats Buildings Ceremonies Houses Interiors Leisure Time Activities Memorials Steamships Urban Areas Water Transport
LocalShanghai (?) Hong Kong
NationalChina Asia
ProductionWilliam G. Simpson Charlotte L. Simpson
CameraWilliam G. Simpson; Charlotte L. Simpson
FormatBlack & White Silent
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This film opens with the Simpsons filming each other outside a house and the couple aboard a boat, playing games on deck. The next film shows highlights of an Armistice Day memorial event in Central Hong Kong. At the Cenotaph officers and men lay wreaths, surrounded by armed forces veterans and spectators.


This film opens with the Simpsons filming each other in the gardens of their house. They are messing about taking portrait shots of each other in profile, and moving their heads as to pose for the camera.

The next scene shows Mr and Mrs Simpson aboard the 'President McKinley, Seattle' ferry on the Dollar Steamship Line. The couple play deck games and wander about. They capture wide views of the coastline with ships at full sail and a British Naval aircraft carrier entering a bay (?).

The film cuts to Central Hong Kong for the Armistice Day event at the Cenotaph. The film provides a montage of highlights from the event.

The next section is of a couple at home. Mrs Simpson is sitting at a desk writing, as Mr Simpson wearing his Remembrance poppy sits in a chair reading They take it in turns to film each other at home (Shanghai ?).


a still from [Home at Shanghai [?]; Trip to Hong Kong; Armistice Day] (ca.1928)