Title ID 727Collection ID156
Title[Baby Years]
Date[1932 or 1933]
CollectionRudd Family
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionAlbum/Journal
ThemeFamily life
KeywordsBeaches Children Family Play Domestic Gardens Leisure Time Activities Beachwear Accessories
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionMr. and Mrs. Rudd
CameraMr. and Mrs. Rudd
ParticipantsSusan Iona Rudd (baby)
Format16mm Black & White Silent
Duration13 min. 50 sec.
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


Susan Rudd, the oldest of two Rudd children, is filmed in the early stages of her life. For the opening scenes she is only four hours old, but the film closes with her walking and playing aged sixteen months. Family scenes are filmed on a trip to the beach and in the family garden at Stonelands, Bramley, between 1932 and 1933, filmed by both Mr. and Mrs. Rudd.


A title reads "Susan Iona Rudd: Four hours old and upwards." A tiny baby Susan is seen in white clothes, held by her mother. Mrs. Rudd plays with the family terrier. The dog sits with other family members on a stone bench in the garden. Susan's grandparents hold the baby, kissing her head. She is seen in pram wearing a white dress, looking up at one of the family. Mrs. Rudd sits with the baby and the dog. Susan blinks at the sun, shaking her head as she is held. "Five months old at Stonelands" follows. Now with a full head of hair, Susan is held up by her mother for the camera. She sits in her pram and is held by family members in the garden. A nursemaid also holds the baby, wearing a white nurse's cap. In "Twelve months old" Susan is seen in a play pen in the garden, using the bars to stand up on the rug. While sitting in her mother's lap she grasps at her round-rimmed glasses, pulling them from her face. Susan plays with a toy rabbit, laughing inside the pen. "Thirteen months old" follows. Susan sits with a family member on a rug in the garden. Mr. Rudd joins them, holding Susan while the woman holds the dog as if it were a baby. On a pebble beach, family members play with Susan. They wear bathing costumes. A young woman gives Susan a Piggy back, while Mr. Rudd carries her on his head. She plays with Mrs. Rudd with a bucket and spade by a groyne. Back in the garden, she is seen crawling across the lawn. Family members hold her hand so she may walk. Susan sits with her mother and a dog in the garden. Her grandfather stands by her play pen. Close-up footage of Susan follows, her blonde curls framing round cheeks. Sixteen months old at "The Moss" follows, in which she is held by her grandmother and see playing with a ball and the family terrier on a rug in the garden. Her grandparents drink tea. She joins them, climbing up onto a wicker chair. Susan pushes her pram across the lawn along the flower beds, aided by members of her family.