Title ID 733Collection ID156
TitleHoliday to Switzerland and North Germany
CollectionRudd Family
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionHoliday
ThemeFamily life Travel
KeywordsLandscape Rivers Sport Travel Boats Buildings Family Harbours Holidays
LocalScheidegg Wengen (Jungfrau)
NationalSwitzerland Germany Europe
ProductionMr. and Mrs. Rudd
CameraMr. and Mrs. Rudd
FormatBlack & White Silent
Duration15 min. 50 sec.
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Rudd family scenes filmed by Mr. and Mrs. Rudd while on holiday in Switzerland in 1929, edited and compiled with intertitles. The holidayers learn to ski, watch a luge race and a ski jump, and film from from a river boat in Germany.


The film opens with scenes of the Swiss Alps. In panoramic views, chalets nestle amongst snow-covered mountains. "Sun on mountains opposite our window" follows, for which further panoramic views are included. Family and friends skate on an ice rink carved out of the snow in "On the rink - Jean, Tracey, Joyce and Ourselves." Some skate with partners, circling and pirouetting. Others stand to the side or sit on the ledges of snow. For "View up the valley," areas of trees cut into the white snow in panoramic views of the dramatic landscape. Views of "The main street, Wengen" follow. Buildings rise up the slopes behind the street, along which people walk while carrying skis. "The Nursery Slopes - Dickie, Jean and Su" follows. Mrs. Rudd and another young woman stand together, both wearing warm hats and coats. They laugh and smile before others on the slopes learning to ski are seen. Su descends a small slope, but falls. She falls again when she tries to stand. Panoramic views of the slopes follow before Mr. Rudd and Su are seen walking away.

"The end of the inter-hotel ski race" follows. Participants glide down a slope while spectators look on. For "Loading up at the station," the camera pans across scenes of sledges and skis being loaded into the open carriages attached to trains. "Disembarking at luge run for the race" follows. Sledges and skis are lifted off the train as participants clamber up the snowy slope towards the trees. A Swiss flag hangs between trees above the luge path, cut into the snow. Race participants fly down the track, leaning backwards. Panning views of the mountains follow. In "Ourselves coming down from Scheidegg with some views towards Murren and the Jungfrau," the camera follows Mrs. Rudd as she slowly descends the slope, before it is turned on Mr. Rudd as he slips down the snow. "The bumps: much steeper than they look here" follows. Skiers "snow plough" down the slopes. Panoramic views of the mountains reach the family group on the slopes, wrapped up warm in "Dickie, Jean, Terrence and Fritz at the jump." "Ski-jumping from various angles" follows. Jumpers fly up and off the peaks of snow, their skis brought tightly together, balancing with their arms. Spectators watch excitedly, some are seen seated in stands. Further panoramic views are seen, taking in mountains, trees and snow-covered chalets in "The Jungfrau, from the Regina Hotel." River boat scenes follow.

A harbour and riverside buildings are seen from the cruise ship. Boats pass beneath a steel bridge. Gulls peck crumbs off the deck of a barge and children play on a jetty. Traditional German buildings are seen, as are boats in a harbour. Industrial sites are in view behind. A sign over a jetty reads "Seegarten-Bruke 2". Motorcars are lined up, parked outside a station. Back on the water, fishing boats, large freight steamers and cruisers are passed by as the boat moves through the water. The sky above the water fills with smoke and steam. At the zoo, penguins stand upright, pushing out their chests in their enclosure. Leopards roam and zebras graze. A large steam liner is seen in full, drifting away in the water.