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Title[Compilation: Come to the Fair; Felix, a Live Wire; Rosie’s Nightmare; A Palace of Yore’ Hampton Court; The Merseyside Sea Scouts; Golf with Archie Compton; Australian Grape Farming]
Date1928 - 1935
CollectionNorth Downs Film Unit
ThemeCine Club Film-making
KeywordsAnimals Boats Children Fairgrounds Food Women Interiors Houses Domestic Gardens Performing Arts Seaside Resorts Sport Men
LocalSandwich [?]
RegionalGreater London Kent [?]
NationalEngland United Kingdom Australia
ProductionMr. F. G. S.Wise [?]
DistributorShowman or HCR supplier Mr. Wise [?]
Format16mm Mixed Colour and Black & White Silent
Duration15 min. 1 sec.
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A compilation of eight films, including scenes at a fairground and Hampton Court Palace, a theatrical performance, fiction film and two cartoons and a short slow motion section showing a man swinging a golf club, all produced between 1928 and 1935 and compiled by Mr. F. G. S. Wise, a photographer from North London.


"Come to the Fair"

Children play at a coconut shy decorated with bunting. Scenes of casino games. A sign reads "This way to Monte Carlo, come and win a million." A sign reads "Wheel of Fortune." Scenes of players and the wheel of fortune close-up follow. Children and adults ride swing boats. Donkeys stand in wait. A young girl in a bonnet has a donkey ride. Families ride the Circular Switchback. Children ride the Galloper. Visitors to the fair ride on a wooden slide. Men run a hoopla stall. Men and women ride a suspended chair roundabout. Men, women and children ride a miniature railway train. Scenes are interspersed with shots of fair visitors. Crowds stand outside a fortune teller's tent. Inside, a woman has her fortune read. She watches, captured by the fortune teller who turns cards over one at a time. Visitors to the fair buy refreshments from a stall. A sign reads "Everybody should visit the Haunted Castle." A boy exits the flat painted facade. At the Water Dodgems, adults and children steer boats around a covered pool. At Butlin's Auto-Cars, a group of young men steer period electric cars around a covered platform. "The End."

"Felix: A Live Wire"

00.06.25 A man chases after Felix, who climbs up a pylon onto the live wires above at a broadcasting station. The man shouts up at him: "I'll fix you!" (speech bubble). Inside the station, the man switches the destination of the broadcast from China to Spain and finally Egypt, before he pulls a lever switching the power on. Felix, still sitting on the wires receives an electric shock before he is sent flying through the air. "The End."

"Rosie's Nightmare"

00.07.09 "Rosie" is seen in bed, turning over under the covers before stretching out to yawn. Rosie is played by a man in drag. Three women wearing hats scrub the floor with brushes and soap. Outside, Rosie enters a front garden with a basket. Smartly dressed women pass by as she scrubs the steps onto the street. The scene is interspersed with shots of Rosie asleep, rubbing her feet together. An old man with bowed legs walks towards the woman scrubbing, picking up pennies from the street before putting them into his hat. Rosie wakes up, relieved that she has been dreaming while asleep.

"A Palace of Yore: Hampton Court"

00.09.24 View of the Tudor period West Front gatehouse and Main Entrance. View of Ann Boleyn's Gate and astrological clock made for Henry VIII from Base Court. Views of the Pond Gardens follow, replete with sculptural features. The camera pans across the large pool and fountain of the Great Fountain Garden. Views of the Stuart period East Front from the gardens closes the sequence.

"The Merseyside Sea Scouts play The Incredible Adventures of Capt. Curdle"

00.10.13 A group of men play "savages" in a production staged on a platform. They wear grass skirts and black face and body paint, jumping and dancing. A man is suspended over a fire while one performer playing the king carries an enlarged knife and fork. A strange monster moves through the water.

"Golf - Archie Compston"

00.18.16 A man on a golf course taking a swing with his club is shown is slow motion.

"An Empire Product"

00.11.40 A film on grape drying in Australia: "In Australia the practice of drying the grapes on trays spread on the ground has practically been abolished, and the system of rack-drying has been substituted."

"Mickey the Milkmaid"

00.12.56 A Walt Disney Mickey Mouse cartoon.