Title ID 9782Collection ID1162
Title[King George VI Coronation and May Day Demonstration]
CollectionCorder Family
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionActuality/Factual
ThemeCommemoration Urban Life
KeywordsArmed Forces Boats Buildings Cars Celebrations Coronations Law Enforcement Monuments Parades Passenger Vehicles Religious Buildings Royalty Social Movements Transport
LocalLondon City of London
RegionalGreater London
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionGeoffrey Corder
CameraGeoffrey Corder
Format16mm Black & White Silent
Duration10min. 59sec.
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


This black and white intertitled film shows the Coronation celebrations for King George VI at St Paul's Cathedral. This is followed by a tour of Central London in a car which includes views of a May Day Socialist demonstration march at Hyde Park. This film concludes with a family group watching the coronation procession from a building on The Strand.


This film shows scenes of the Coronation celebrations for King George VI at St Paul's Cathedral, London. A procession of members of the Royal Household are seen moving down the Strand towards Fleet Street & St Paul's Cathedral, flanked by the Household Cavalry including the Duke and Duchess of Kent (Intertitle), followed by The Prince of Wales and Duke of Gloucester (Intertitle) in horse drawn carriages.

'And finally'

The camera stops on Park Lane outside the Dorchester Hotel adorned with flags.

'May Day Procession Hyde Park'

The short sequence shows a socialist May Day procession parading past Hyde Park. Banners read: 'We March for Socialism, Race and Freedom'. Police officers follow the group.

‘Hyde Park Corner'

The next section shows a long moving shot from the road opposite the buildings of the Old Knightsbridge Foot-Guard Barracks adorned with union flags (facing Hyde Park), moving towards central Knightsbridge. Buses and traffic fill the street.

'Scenes at Buckingham Palace'

This section shows a wide view of Buckingham Palace and gates from the front, with traffic and cyclists in the street. The shot moves across the Queen Victoria Memorial to reveal the crowds of people sitting around the edges and lining the streets.

'In the Green Park'

In this section people are seen sitting on benches in the park and on the grass, whilst a traffic jam builds on the road up Constitution Hill (?) and around the Victoria Memorial.

‘The Embankment'

This very short shot looks toward the Houses of Parliament / Victoria Tower (Big Ben) along Victoria Embankment. The River Thames is on the left.

'Parliament Square'

This sequence shows a moving shot from Whitehall towards Parliament Square finishing on a close-up of Westminster Abbey.


A Shot of the Cenotaph (War Memorial) on Whitehall looking towards Trafalgar Square.

‘Trafalgar Square'

Filmed from a car, this section shows Admiralty Arch, Nelson's Column and the Sun Insurance building with signage facing the square, as well as uses, traffic and shots of the fountains.

‘All Kinds of vehicles where seen'

This sequence shows a family using a horse drawn cart (?) with their children in the back as buses and cars pass them in the busy street.

'The Strand'

This sequence shows busy traffic in The Strand along with the church of St Martin-in-the-Fields, adjacent to Trafalgar Square.

'The Kodak Company's Contribution - 36FT. Enlargements'

This section shows a banner hanging down the front of a building (location unknown) depicting the new King George VI and his wife, accompanied by the words ‘Loyal Greetings form Kodak’s 4,000 British employees’.

‘The Law Courts‘

This short sequence shows a shot of the outside of the Royal Courts of Justice, adorned by flags and decorations.

‘And the Griffin’

This shot is of a statue depicting a Griffin, the mascot for the City of London adorned in flags.

‘Fleet Street’

This section is taken from a car passing down Fleet Street and up Luggate Hill towards St Paul’s Cathedral. A policeman is in the road directing traffic - buses and cars move around him. Close-ups of St Paul’s Cathedral exterior follow.

‘Queen Victoria Street’

This section shows the street adorned in flags and bunting

‘Views on the Embankment’

The car moves down the Embankment, filming the boats on the river - a glimpse of the top of the ‘OXO Tower’ on the South Bank can be seen in background over the boats.


This short section shows the front of Selfridges & Co. on Oxford Street, decorated with a statue of Britannia, a crown and the words God Save the King.

‘The day of the procession 8pm’

This section opens with a view from a building opposite St Clement Dane Church on the Strand. A family group watch and film the proceedings from a room in the building (possibly from the Courts of Justice building?). People line the streets outside watching the Coronation parade and military bands pass by.

‘The Party’

The section is only a few seconds long and stops mid shot inside the room overlooking the street below.