Title ID 983Collection ID456
Title[Family Scenes; Gardening]
Date1959 - 1961
CollectionErnest Robbins
KeywordsDomestic Gardens Family Gardening Natural Disasters Plants Roads Seasons Weather Weddings
LocalRoyal Tunbridge Wells
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionErnest Robbins
FormatStandard 8mm Mixed Colour and Black & White Silent
Duration18min 58sec.
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A home movie featuring a domestic garden belonging to Mr and Mrs Robbins. The film captures the garden and the work to maintain it through the changing seasons, including the floods of 1960. Other family scenes include the wedding of their daughter and teaching their grandchild how to walk.


The film opens with shots of a domestic garden in winter in Wilman Road, Tunbridge Wells; a woman throws a snowball. Blurred shots of spring flowers in the same garden; cuttings in the greenhouse. Two women stroll around the garden, waving at the camera. A woman mows the lawn. Shots of spring flowers and blossom on trees, followed by a hail storm; water and ice flow along a road. Brief shot of a wedding car outside St. John's Church. Stills of a wedding reception venue and Jennifer and Leslie Callaghan Hoar cutting a wedding cake. More scenes from the garden, a lorry outside the house and the family dog sitting on the front path. Shots of Mrs Robbins (?) using a lawnmower. Mr and Mrs Robbins (?) gardening. Shots of the garden, the wind blowing and water sitting on the ground. A fence lays on its side. A boy on a bicycle and a car pass through flood waters on a narrow country lane. Shots of flooded countryside. Shots taken from a car driving along a flooded road. Back in the garden, family members (?) stand around chatting. Shots of a wall being built. Mrs Robbins (?) teaching a toddler how to walk. A woman lays some bricks. More shots of the toddler learning to walk. Shots of flowers. The film ends with shots of Mr and Mrs Robbins (?) playing with the toddler.